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ABI FOOD is a company that specializes on wholesale export of Algerian goods directly from the country to different destinations around the world. We are based locally in Algiers. Our company delivers in any quantities, starting from literally 1 pallet.

ABI FOOD is a close partner to a large variety of different producers of olive oil, from all over Algeria. We work with large cooperatives, that produce many thousands tons per year, as well as with a smaller, gourmet factories that specialize in a production of a specific, gourmet oils.

Whom we are the best for? Import companies around the world, hotels and restaurant chains, food chains, retail stores. If goods can be delivered to your country – we will do it.

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The oil is widely used in cooking, cosmetics, medicine, and soaps.

Our process

Production process

The olive oil production process has remained almost unchanged over the years. New technologies have improved the time or yield but the steps from the field until the mill are still the same.


It is key to harvest the olives in their optimal moment of ripeness to ensure an oil of high quality and the best organoleptic attributes, this is detected when the majority …


Olives are cleaned by air blowing to remove leaves and any other impurity; if necessary they can also be washed. In this moment olives are weighed and a sample is taken…


At the mill olives are crushed with its bone in order to break the vegetable cells and extract the oil from inside. The result of the mill is a paste composed by: oil, pulp of olive, crushed bones and water…


The paste enters in a malaxer where it is shaken under controlled conditions in order to help the formation of the oil phase….


This process is a physical separation. The paste is centrifuged and due to the different densities the solid, liquid get separated.


At most modern warehouses virgin oils are stored under temperature conditions controlled in order to avoid oxidation.

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